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Is it possible to address snoring without resorting to surgery? What really helps? How does snoring occur? During sleep, the airways narrow, and the accelerated airflow causes soft tissues to vibrate. The main danger of snoring is not discomfort but the potential cessation of breathing. This can be easily addressed with a special anti-snoring mouthguard, used during sleep and custom-made to fit you.

Schedule a consultation and improve the quality of your sleep, both for yourself and for those around you: phone 044 261 77 55.
Anti-snoring device
SRF Puls
Bad Breath Questionnaire
Bad breath (halitosis) is a taboo topic that people often avoid discussing. According to international studies, it occurs with similar frequency worldwide. Approximately 25% of the population experiences noticeable bad breath at certain times of the day, and about 6% have it continuously.

Today, with the insights gained from numerous research studies, bad breath can be successfully treated in most cases. The key is to identify the specific cause for each patient individually. Since the most common cause of bad breath is bacteria, initial treatment is typically provided by a dentist.

Are you concerned that bad breath might be an issue affecting you personally or someone close to you? We can help! Schedule a consultation today.

The cost of a bad breath consultation is 245CHF, including X-rays and halitosis measurement.
Bad breath
Holistic dental medicine, focus on foci of infection, removal of amalgam.

Despite all preventive measures, in some cases, filling a tooth or completely replacing it may still be necessary. Various materials are introduced into the oral cavity, where they remain for many years. Although these materials are thoroughly tested for their so-called biocompatibility, some individuals may experience intolerant reactions. This bodily reaction to a specific material over time can make a patient ill or worsen an existing condition and its symptoms.
Environmental dentistry
Instructions for home bleaching
Important aspects of bleaching
A dazzling smile shouldn't be a luxury! The path to a radiant smile has never been easier. However, there are several aspects to consider when whitening your teeth.
This refers to the treatment of the dental nerve. Almost always, the cause of nerve inflammation (pulpitis) is bacteria from ignored or untreated cavities. Moreover, cracks or poor sealing of the filling can also cause such inflammation. Root canal treatment is the last chance to save the affected tooth. In case this procedure is not viable or refused, the inflamed tooth will have to be removed to avoid further (sometimes even life-threatening) complications.
Root canal treatments
Important questions about endodontics
Sometimes, when faced with high levels of stress at work or in school, people start grinding their teeth or clenching them very hard not only during the day but also at night. This phenomenon is called bruxism. It can occur without symptoms, however, it is usually accompanied by severe pain in the temporal and lower jaw joint, as well as facial muscles and teeth.

In the absence of treatment, the aforementioned problems are accompanied by inevitable extensive tooth damage. Teeth wear down or even chip at the edges, leading to disruptions in enamel integrity, irreversible changes, or bite disorders, which are corrected only at significant costs, including financial ones.
Matrix-Rhythmus Therapie
of bruxism
Pediatric dental care
We aim to address specific needs for the recovery of our youngest patients while demonstrating the highest level of care.
Pediatric dentistry
Restoration instead of drilling
Signs of periodontitis
Periodontitis is a bacterial inflammation of the tooth-supporting tissues (periodontium). Typically, the disease progresses gradually and without symptoms, leading to its detection only at later stages.

Without treatment, periodontitis leads to the destruction of periodontal tissues and tooth loss. Predictably, periodontitis is a risk factor for many general medical conditions. For instance, strokes occur three times more frequently in patients with periodontitis than in healthy individuals. The risk of a heart attack increases by 25%. Additionally, diabetes, rheumatism, and respiratory diseases are more common. Moreover, untreated periodontitis increases the risk of preterm births and may be a cause of low birth weight in newborns.
Despite all prophylactic measures, teeth sometimes have to be overcroned or replaced. Depending on the clinical situation, we can fall back on your wishes and taking into account the financial possibilities to various treatment options.

Whether fixed or removable, the close cooperation with qualified dental laboratories in the immediate vicinity allows us to make a perfect denture for you quickly and in the highest quality in every respect.
Laser treatment: painless 
and fast
In our practice, we professionally carry out a comprehensive range of outpatient surgical procedures for you. We attach great importance to the fact that our patients are looked after by highly qualified professionals in particularly demanding situations.

In very complicated cases, we therefore work closely with experienced specialists in maxillofacial surgery - Dr. Daniel Brusco and Dr. Georg Damerau.
Important aspects of bleaching
Is Bleaching safe?
The first thing we notice about a person in personal interaction is their smile. Beautiful white teeth create the image of a more energetic and youthful individual. A confident smile can be crucial for your success and fosters interpersonal connections.

Over time, teeth can become discolored due to the consumption of staining substances such as tea, coffee, red wine, or nicotine. Teeth whitening allows these stains associated with these factors to be painlessly removed, restoring your radiant smile to its best.

Thanks to modern treatment methods and professional prevention, you can maintain a healthy appearance and practically pristine beauty of your teeth throughout your life.

If you also want to have a dazzling smile that inspires admiration? We are ready to professionally advise you on teeth whitening procedures.
Aesthetic dentistry
Professional teeth cleaning is recommended every six months. The main goal is to maintain the health and beauty of your teeth in the long term.

We remove tartar, plaque, and stains using special instruments, and then polish your teeth to give them a new shine and gloss.

We will inform you about the latest trends and newest dental care products, and also provide professional advice on home care.
Dental cleaning 
and prophylaxis
Gentle treatment thanks to laser
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